Owners:  Agan & Stephanie Alkan, Mark and Britt Dirnberger
(Not Pictured:  Mike and Diane Rampley)

About The Owners:

Mark and Britt Dirnberger, Agan & Stephanie Alkan, and Mike and Diane Rampley make up the team at DAR.  As lovers of all the beautiful things Kinkaid Lake has to offer, we came together with a common interest and one intention–to make kinkaid Marina THE place to be.  

We are dedicated to making our Marina a fabulous place to camp, boat, and come together as a community.  You can expect to see a little blood, sweat, and tears during the renovation, but always with some good times, and good tunes along the way.  Hang on to your flip flops–you don’t want to miss what we have in store for  you!